Thursday, April 14, 2016

Live and Let Live!

Hello Everyone!

After a teeny tiny break I am back with my projects, definitely missing crafting and sharing my work.

Today I am at Parul's Card Challenge which says Anything goes. So here's what I made.

Also with this post I decide to make cards every month for a social cause since cards are the best story telling elements!

I made a Jungle theme Card and I call it Go green as today we are at a place where Animals are really finding hard to survive in the forest as we mankind are cutting down trees for our benefits.

With this card I tried to tell a story that lets give their space back to them!

Say it Loud!

We hardly see clear blue sky | Tress and Greens around us | Flowers blooming fresh new leaves.

Keeping such messages in mind I made a very bright blue sky, flowers are not colored as we hardly see them now.

Lastly the cute Lion :) wanting to tell us " Hey would you mind if I destroyed your home "

Yes we do have some trees left for the animals in the jungle to survive which is a major challenge in today's time.

This is the first card I attempted and I really want to pull this long. Do drop in and share your love.

Let me know your suggestions, likes and dislikes.

Thanks for Stopping by!