Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cherry Blossoms + Elizabeth Craft Designs

Hello Everyone, today I am back with another card featuring flower from Susan's Garden. This is one of my favourite and I have been wanting to create a project with this.

Cherry Blossoms are popular around the world including Japan, China, India, Canada and United States. And across the globe you will be able to see some different textures and hues.

Today's Cherry Blossom on my card is little from my imaginative creative world mixed with the original. I have used the branches as the tree trunk as I wanted to create a tree also. For a more realistic tree, we can omit the leaves as the leaves would not come out until the cherry blossoms are finished.

How can we shape the flowers and the tree

Step 1: Die cut lots of petals, stamens and branch pieces using the Cherry Blossom die set for the petals and branches, the Garden Notes Tulip 2 set for the stamens, and Garden Notes Rose 3 for the leaves (pink cardstock for stamens, gray for the petals, brown for the branches). For this card, branches are used to create the tree trunk. Shade the die cut pieces with Distress Inks; add dots to the petals.

Step 2: Die cut lots of leaves using the leaf die from the Garden Notes Rose 3. Use red Distress Ink to shade them.

Step 3: Using the Metal Tool set, shape and leaves and the flowers. 

Step 4: Cut a White Soft Finish Cardstock card base measuring 6′ x 4′. For the second layer cut a Gray Soft Finish Cardstock rectangle measuring 1/8″ less on all sides. For the third layer cut a White Soft Finish Cardstock rectangle measuring 1/8″ on all sides, and score along the sides to create a raised ridge. 

Step 5: Die cut the Thank You sentiment. Add it to a gray rectangle with postage stamp edge die cut across the bottom. 

Step 6: Arrange and adhere all of the pieces.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the project. I’d love to see what you create with the Cherry Blossom die set, so do join the Elizabeth Craft Designs Family Facebook page and share your cards.

I think I will frame this and give it to a friend instead of sending it as a card. I hope to share the frame with you all soon.


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