Monday, May 29, 2017

Self Challenge 1 + Mudra

Welcome friends to another post where I am intending to start a very interesting series of post for myself and many others like me.

Week Back Erum made a reality check and here's where I picked up my challenge. She is an amazing crafter and you can view all her creations HERE.

So she knocked and said " Can we make some less bulky cards" and oh yes it was a real good knock and I thought its been time I made some single layered card. These are easy to mail and also quick to create.

Along with this I also challenged myself to pick any stamps from my stash and create some cards. 

Challenge Rules

1. Single Layered Card
2. Any 2 Stamps from Stash
3. Weekly Challenge

So for this week I have picked up 2 stamps from Mudra and created 3 cards.

3 cards from 2 stamps is what I have challenged myself.

Do share how you like it and also would love to hear from you.

Untill then happy Crafting!